Shampoo Objectives։ Natural ingredients are the best to restore the hair’s natural shine, volume and to emphasize the charm. Designed especially for thin, weak and oily hair. This shampoo, enriched with the extract of herbs and essential oils, promotes the prevention of hair loss, the restoration of weak hair and the elimination of dandruff. Ingredients։ Extract of herbs, onion peel, oak bark, nettle, and madder root, water, coco glucoside, glycerin, propylene glycol, coco-betaine, potassium sorbate, edible salt, vitamin A, vitamin E, geranium essential oil, orange essential oil․ Application։ Apply to wet hair. Massage the scalp and rinse off thoroughly with water. Keep in temperatures between 5 – 25 °C, away from the sunlight
250 ml / 8.45 fl. oz